Our Team

Paul Sutton

Director, Senior Trainer and Consultant
Mobile +64 (0)29 971 5128
[email protected]

Paul’s focus is on helping people and organisations develop effective business cases, run effective projects, programmes and portfolios, make the changes and realise the benefits at the end. To do this Paul works with a wide range of people and organisations with training, coaching, consulting and hands-on delivery. Paul combines an in-depth process knowledge with 30 years of pragmatic hands-on experience in all of these areas.

​Paul has a broad picture focus combined with strong analytical thinking. He is an excellent communicator and a dynamic and engaging presenter. As a result, he is able to give practical application to a huge range of questions and scenarios.

Youssef Mourra

Director, Senior Trainer and Consultant
Mobile +64 (0)21 423 620
[email protected]

Youssef is a top of the line P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) Practitioner, Consultant, Trainer and Presenter who has developed approaches on how to control projects, programme, portfolios in organisations to help them achieve their strategic goals and aims.

He has delivered hundreds of training courses around the world on a wide variety of topics from keystroke training courses through to building capability in project and programme management through to managing priorities, presentation skills and negotiation skills. He delivers sessions to all groups within an organisation from the operational staff level through to the Board level. He works in all sectors and has trained in over 12 countries. He particularly enjoys converting complex materials or systems and turning them into accessible learning experiences.

He has developed a great reputation for training and presenting material in a manner that many people find engaging and occasionally entertaining.

Sales & Support

Dommy Sutherland

Head of Sales & Marketing
Mobile +64 (0)21 656 351
[email protected]

Dommy is responsible for our overall sales and marketing approach which includes; social media, sales literature, branding, campaigns, and everything in between for both internal and external stakeholders.

Ady is focused on ensuring that you have the very best training experience with Nonsuch Training, from registration and all the way through to the completion of your course

Janene supports the team and ensures they meet their commitments and obligations to each other and to our clients. She helps organise travel, diaries and keeps Nonsuch Training running smoothly with no hiccups